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Day trips

Local tour operators organize all kinds of day trips for tourists, varying from elephant riding, to snorkeling and from sightseeing to bungee jumping. The price of a day trip depends on the activity, the time it takes, and the number of people on the trip.

An organized sightseeing tour by touring bus and ferry can be as cheap as 13.9 €-27.7 € per half day. Examples of half day tours are visiting the Floating Market from Bangkok for 27.7 € per person, or an Island Tour on Koh Samui, a City and Temple tour in Chiang Mai for 20.8 € per person or go to Mini Siam in Pattaya for 17.3 € per person.

Full day tours can include much more as elephant riding, boat trips, snorkeling or and are usually priced between 58 € and 92 €, include lunch or dinner, and snacks and drinks throughout the day. Recommendations are the River Kwai and Death Railway day tour from Bangkok for 82 € per person, Phi Phi Island by speed boat from Phuket for 69 € per person, or an elephant safari and rafting from Chiang Mai for 79 € per person.


Replica Watches

Even though Thailand is said to crack down on the imitation products, it is still easier to find a fake Rolex in Thailand than a litter bin. Usually the salespeople will state right out that it are replicas, so be aware of the ones claiming to sell genuine articles at low prices.

When buying a replica watch, you get what you pay for. There are many different brands of replica watches and different designs, starting from 4.59 € for a simple watch. A nice strong replica Rolex can be found at 35 € to 42 €. More complex and larger watches with a nice strap can be about 69 €.

Usually the quality of the more expensive replicas is quite good. And the nicer salesperson might actually take it back from you if it stops working over the next few days. But generally, there is no guarantee on replica watches, and since they are illegal you can’t file a complaint anywhere.


Tailor Made Clothes

A must-buy in Thailand is a tailor made suit. A must-buy because of the good value, but also a must-buy because the Indian and Nepali tailors can be quite persistent sellers. The offers are good though. The standard promotional package of two pants, two shirts, two ties, and a jacket goes for only 92 €. This is the cheapest offer to lure people into the shops, because a package of items made at this price is often made from polyester and of the lowest quality.

Once in the shop they will explain to you that for the 92 €, you can get a single nice suit of a cashmere cotton blend. The better grade tailor made suits of cashmere wool only are at least 150 € for a suit. Single cotton shirts are sold around 23.1 €, with discount when more shirts are bought. And a tailor made winter coat of high quality cashmere will be around 185 €.

Prices are based on the amount of material needed, and the work that needs to be done. So, a large person does need to pay a little more for a suit or coat than a small person.


Fast food in Thailand

Fast food is the main diet of the Thai people, but in Thailand it does not automatically mean an unhealthy deep fried meal. Thai food is displayed in large bowls in little fast food shops. Usually for grabs at 0.46 €-0.69 € per dish, served on top of rice.

However, Thailand also knows a large number of fast food chains as KFC, McDonalds, Burger King, Chester’s Grill, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, and Subway. To list a few prices: A single hamburger at McDonalds is 0.44 €. A chicken value set of 6 pieces at KFC is 4.13 €. A double cheeseburger value meal at Burger King is 5.29 €. A simple chocolate frosted doughnut at Dunkin Donuts is 0.39 €. Subway has a sandwich of the day for 1.59 €. A pan pizza at Pizza Hut starts at 4.59 €.

To make a comparison, you should be able to get some delicious Thai cuisine for less or the same price as this processed junk.



Although the most essential goods are very cheap in Thailand, electronics are not cheaper compared to Europe and the US, and therefore amazingly expensive compared to other goods.

To give a few examples: HP notebooks (mini) start at 229 €, without accessories and without anything installed. A basic PC with monitor, no special accessories; 277 €. Game computers are sold at 367 € for Xbox and 459 € for Nintendo Wii. iPad2 is 367 € in the Apple shops around the country. Mobile phones vary from 20.5 € for the most basic Nokia to a Blackberry for 254 €.

However, Thailand offers a lot of imitation products at much lower prices. iPhone replica’s can be bought for about 92 €, and an aPad (no, this is not a typo) will be about 127 €. Just be aware that fake electronics do not work as well as the original ones and often lack a lot of applications.


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